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If you are not a knowledgable web design professional, building a Web site on your own will be the worst mistake you can make. Even if you are a graphics professional and are familiar with HTML, building a Magento website to work and work well is more than meta tags html and graphics. A proper built website is seamless in design and content. Everything fits together the way the way the search engines like to see it. more.

Web Page Design

Web Page Design for Optimum Results

If you have a website on the net and are not getting results but know of others in your area that seem to be getting the hits and the business, this can be frustrating to say the least.

Some may say it is luck, but we can assure you it is not luck but due to a knowledgable person putting together a website that is content rich and rich with the right type of content.

Magento website + SEO

We are experts in designing Magento websites and some of our customers are generating revenues close to $500,000 per year because their website looks good when someone comes to the site. However, more importantly the site looked good for the search engine algorythyms as they crawl the site.

This dance of the search engines is what separates the high ranking money sites from the low ranking bottom feeders we have all seen, and some even have owned or currently still do own. Rankings is everything and the stories of meta tags, fake pages, web rings, etc. etc. etc. are not the answer. The solution to obtaining a high ranking site is a well thought out web design strategy that will produce results beyond your expectation. We are so confident in providing this level of Magento website design that we actually guarantee top placement. We will assess your site concept and tell you before any pricing or obligation is made exactly where we can get you placed. more

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