Magento Theme Design

Description to the shop system Magento:

Magento is a fast growing and very comprehensive e-commerce solution for medium to large businesses. Magento convinced by an enormous range and very good scalability, but offers despite its scale intuitive operation and ease of product management. Centralized management of customers, orders, payments and control of the inventory are available at a glance in a few clicks. Magento supports multiple languages, different VAT categories, payment methods, shipping methods and discounts. There are blogs, forums and extensive instructions facilitate entry into Magneto.

Here are some free Magento Themes:


Like the Free Basic Template comes the theme of Kalocsa-M template. It can be used excellently for smaller shops. The theme is available free.magento

Free POP

Free Pop is another free template. According to the designer, it is particularly suitable for CD or DVD shops.

Light Theme

The third design by Hello Magento template is called Light. As the template before it is valid with the standards and freely available.

Simple Black

It seems as if all published free of Hello Magento templates. Simple Black used a black design and application are as electronics shops imaginable.

Outdoor templatemagento theme milano

Outdoor is available in Magento Connect is available and can be used free of charge. Outdoor is decorated in warm earth tones and represents an interesting alternative for Camping Shops

Free Mage Theme

On a grey color sets the Mage Theme Free. Technically, it has been developed with the help of CSS3 and can be used free of charge from any online store.

Theme Electronics Store

The Electronics Store theme is particularly useful for computer shops. The theme is very clean and clear.

Computer Store Theme


The Computer Store Theme is based on a table-less design and is very trustworthy by the color scheme. As the name suggests, Computer Store Theme can be very well used for computer shops.

Inspire Blue

Magento ShopShark

In light blue shades, the design of Inspire Blue is very welcoming.

Eco Fashion

Eco Fashion Theme comes in bright colors and therefore as the name suggests it is suitable for fashion stores. Developed the theme of richer designs.