Magento e-Commerce

Affordable E-commerce Design

Imagine your web site becomes cluttered with product information and the need for cataloging information becomes necessary but the desire to provide e-commerce on the web is not yet warranted. WebArt provides Magento themes and a catalog module that can be acquisition to a web presence with a simple click of a button inside the main control center of the administrative interface of the web site. Upon activating the catalog, module products can then be organized by category dynamically within the web site without the need to edit, add, modify, or delete content. A customer begins to catalog the products slowly moving closer to the finality of providing e-commerce for the web site. Once ecommerce becomes necessary, the customer can then instantly activate the Magento ecommerce module, which is appended automatically to the catalog, making the catalog of products in a web presence an automated shopping center on the web. The site becomes secure using a SSL approved certificate and credit cards become automatically validated using our Magento CMS E-commerce system. Even if the user decides they want real time processing when a product is purchased, the Magento E-commerce is ready to go.

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