Dynamic Design

Dynamic Web Design & Functionality in E-Commerce websites

WebArt provides much more than just Magento hosting. We provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed on the Internet. Our customers have the unique advantage of our Magento WebAdmin Systems that puts content managed applications and web-based authoring tools at their fingertips. From Secure E-commerce solutions with-out the headaches, to Project Management Applications that are easy to use and require no installation, our WebAdmin Interface will grow with your business as you succeed on the web. We provide basic hosting services & design for the business that only wants standard FTP privileges, but with the ease of use and low cost Magento hosting packages, beginning with a dynamic web presence is easier than ever before. more.

CSS Design

CSS Web Design & Style Sheets

If you know a little about Magento website design, you have probably heard of tables. A perfect example of CSS design is the site you are at right now. If you view the source of this site you will notice that there are absolutely no tables, yet there are separations of text and columns just like you would see on any site on the Internet. The ways in which we achieve this is through style sheets. Now what would be the importance of this method of web design. In our opinion beyond the dynamic aspects of CSS, there is a far larger importance. Search engines will only crawl around 20-25 k of a site for indexing purposes. more.

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